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Tish is open again and would love to see you!

Our Current Featured Artists 

This month Tish offers a warm welcome to Joshua Ruggeri, who lives and paints full-time out of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Neo-Pop' is often the term used for Joshua’s body of work. The artwork takes on a satirical view of social, political and cultural issues and ideas. Joshua examines the American dream while combining the cult of celebrity, comic aesthetics and music heroes to paint powerful, projective narratives.

While using familiar visual signs, icons and ads and arranging them into explosive layered paintings, they demand attention. He uses a large arsenal of mediums that include aerosol, acrylic, oil sticks and markers to just about anything he can get his hands on to give life and form to his style.

David Johnson

Tish is also proud and delighted to welcome Chestertown's  David Johnson, master manipulator of imagery - our very own photo-gician.

David has enjoyed art since writing a report about

Picasso’s Blue Period at the age of ten. His artistic pursuits have included: writing poetry and prose; jazz and ballet

dancing; acting in musical theater; ceramics; and

coloring outside the lines

as a wee lad. He has been in the hospitality industry

for over forty years having graduated from the

Culinary Institute of America.

David enjoys taking pictures of the beauty in form

and function of everyday things in the world around

us. He believes art is what we see that elicits

emotion and engenders hope and passion for life.

Our Artist Family

We love bringing their art to you!

John Elburn Jr

John Elburn, Jr. is a local multi-disciplinary artist best known for his large, hand carved and painted sculptures of local wildlife. John is also a skilled painter. Tish looks forward to working with John going forward with plans for a feature show that will fully showcase the versatile talents of this Eastern Shore artisan.

M K Henry

Tish is pleased to present the unique and whimsical artistry of Chestertown’s own M K Henry. A native of the UK, Michael's automata (hand-operated kinetic sculptures) portray a bygone era of carnival shows and gaming. His “plaquery” are painted relief carvings based on traditional tattoo designs. Attractively priced for the discriminating collector of unique pieces that fall outside the mainstream of standard gallery offerings, we are sure you will want to add a Michael Henry to your collection.

Cheryl Hurt

Cheryl is a local artist here in Chestertown, with a passion to creatively craft wearable art from natural and rescued items with a low carbon footprint.​  She has been a regular contributor to the RiverArts "Recycled Runway" event and we are delighted to have her, original, beautiful and eco-friendly jewelry at Tish, and you will have the pleasure of a feel - and look - great purchase.

Arleen Keifetz

Arleen is a highly talented, self taught jewelry designer who prefers working  with both vintage and semi-precious stone beads with sterling silver and gold filled findings.  Auctions and house sales provide many of her materials but she also  sources elements from all over the world. Arleen also enjoys creating functional and decorative hand built clay objects. Arleen is an active member of the arts community having been a past board member and membership chairperson of Chestertown RiverArts. Arleen's pieces are beautiful, varied and unique and she is a most welcome addition to the Tish family.  

Gloria J Merriken

Gloria is a self-taught multi-media artist living in Columbia, Maryland as well as summering in Tolchester, Maryland. She had an interest in art from a very early age, taking art classes every day working mostly in water color and pen and ink, under the guidance of her Hal Gomer.

In the 70’s there were a few commissioned works for wall graphics. During the 80’s and 90’s stained glass became her medium creating commissioned, one of a kind lamps, free hanging pieces, and window installations throughout Maryland and beyond.

In between there were a couple semesters at Howard Community College to take a drawing class and water-color class. Then using her understanding of glass and color Gloria began working with kiln fused glass adding a new dimension to her work, developing her skill to include pattern bar techniques. Lately she has been inspired to give new life to old furniture, collecting interesting pieces to use as a canvas to create unique whimsical works of art.

Jason Miksitz

 Jason Miksitz, master craftsman, is located in Millington and moved into his workshop (formerly a dairy farm) three years ago.

He has worked with wood since age 12, typically carving and sculpting, and has been involved with art projects for most of his life, including building boats and historic restoration. Jason is passionate when talking about his materials.

“It never gets old looking at the grain of the wood – it has always drawn and fascinated me. I find myself asking a piece of wood what it wants to be. One of my favorite trips is to the mill where you watch the grain come out – it never gets old watching what the elements do to the fallen tree. I take nothing live, only the standing dead and fallen”.  

Inez Santori

Inez Santori made the transition across "The Pond" from England in 2014, leaving her role as Vice Principal in a high school.  Busy in education, Inez's creative side took a back seat, although she was always working with yarn and had an avid interest in photography.  Since moving to the Eastern Shore the Arts occupy most of her time. She is an avid member of the River Arts Photography Club; her knitted and crocheted creations appear in RiverArts seasonal show; and she has just started exhibiting paintings.  In time all aspects of Inez's creativity will be on show at Tish.    

Paul E Santori

Paul  is a painter and musician living on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, Paul’s approach is varied. He currently works in two styles; abstract and plein air, in two mediums: acrylic and oil. At Tish you will see different types of Paul’s work: realistic, surrealistic and abstract. This is because his approach to the work thematically, as well as in each individual piece, is intuitive and improvisational. He finds this is true whether working “realistically” or “abstractly”. Paul's work can be found in local, national and international collections and has been selected for the 2020 Abstract National Exhibition at the Mark Arts Center in Wichita, Kansas.  

Barbara K Slocum

Barbara is a graduate from William Patterson University with a BA in Fine Arts, is a national award-winning art director/graphic designer and a published illustrator / artist. Barbara’s paintings are representations of places she has been and of people she knows. Her inspiration is drawn from observation, catching moments filled with emotions, and capturing the unusual in the everyday. Barbara was raised in NewJersey and spent her summers with grandparents on their farm in Connecticut. Growing up surrounded by the beauty of the New England countryside, she was inspired to start drawing and painting. Barbara and her family recently moved to the Eastern Shore, where Barbara is an active member of Chestertown Riverarts, a plein air, studio painting and life drawing group and works as a freelance graphic designer.