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Fall into Chesapeake Country

Eighteen different artists show their interpretations of fall on the Eastern Shore,  a fabulous display of talent in a range of styles, sizes and mediums.

Our Artist Family

We love bringing their art to you!

Barbara Bell

Gaitherburg based, Barbara provides us with a unique take in the world.  She sees shape, color an emotion everywhere and shares them in acrylic and oil paint.  You can find her work at BBellArt on Facebook.

Christine Cooke

Based in Chestertown Chris's art may take her from still life, to landscape, to figurative and back again. She describes her work as being all about the paint, the process and the expression of feelings.

Susan Adler Davies

Susan is a multi-faceted artist who not only paints, but creates unique jewelry and works extensively in fabric, as well as creating hand made greetings cards 

Vladimir Duchev

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Jane Ferguson

Chestertown based, Jane's goal is to express on canvas the beauty that she sees in the everyday and the joy she feels when painting.  She enjoys both plein air and studio painting and loved painting "relationships" - between children and families; beach scenes and water reflections; the sunrise and sunset;  anything to do with family, nature, flowers, sand and water. Jane strives to paint the invisible, those moments in time that each of us carries in our heart.

Donna Finley

Pastel is Ms. Finley’s medium. The immediacy, vibrancy and luminosity of soft pastels fulfill her instinctive need to permanently capture moments in time to emphasizes their beauty. It allows her to translate her love of line and form through color and a variety of strokes to instill

light and life into her paintings.  Her work is representational however, her color palette also expresses some impressionistic elements. She wants the viewer to experience what she sees and feels as if there in the moment.



Holly Geddes

Holly's work shows the strong influence of photography and decorative painting, both in the natural colors and fine detail she uses. She explores techniques using a variety of painting media, including pen and ink, oils, watercolor, pastels and glass paint.  Her projects range from landscapes, still lifes and portraits to decorative painting on furniture and small gift items. Recently she has focused on pastels and oils because of the vibrancy and subtlety of color that these media permit.

Judi Gunther

Fabric is Judi's chosen medium as it provides her with the ability to take a flat, one dimensional material and manipulate it into a multidimensional piece with texture, depth, and movement. She enjoys combining geometric shapes with natural forms to create visual interpretations of abstract concepts. Judi finds the challenge of selecting the right piece of fabric to represent a specific image is exciting. 


M K Henry

 Chestertown’s own M K Henry is a native of the UK.  Michael's automata (hand-operated kinetic sculptures) portray a bygone era of carnival shows and gaming. His “plaquery” are painted relief carvings based on traditional tattoo designs.

Cheryl Hurt

Cheryl is a local artist here in Chestertown, with a passion to creatively craft wearable art from natural and rescued items with a low carbon footprint.​ producing original, beautiful and eco-friendly jewelry.


Elsie Inzer

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David Johnson

David Johnson, master manipulator of imagery - is a

photo-gician.  David enjoys taking pictures of the beauty in form and function of everyday things in the world around us. He believes art is what we see that elicits emotion and engenders hope and passion for life.

Arleen Keifetz

Arleen is a highly talented, self taught jewelry designer who prefers working  with both vintage and semi-precious stone beads with sterling silver and gold filled findings.   Arleen's pieces are beautiful, varied and unique.  

Jamey Krebs

Jamey is another Chestertown resident and a full-time painter.  She utilizes watercolor and acrylic, with current focus in oil.  Her love for landscapes, old houses, barns and water features capture her attention the most and she has recently begun creating abstract images.

Joan Lausman

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Beth Lehman

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Carol Mangano

Carol demonstrates her impressionistic / expressive style of painting in oil and acrylics. Lovely weather or stormy warnings allow for the changing of the color palette.  where her paintings reflect the beauty of the homesteads, farmer’s markets, landscapes, tree-lined sidewalks, and community events.

Penny Macrea

 Penny is a landscape artist using pastels to capture the beauty of the countryside through natures changing patterns.  Having grown up in rural Western Pennsylvania she is particularly sensitive to the intrinsic beauty of farms, fields, woods and trees.  Penny now lives in Chestertown where she observes a totally different "waterscape" of tidewater rivers, marshes and big skies.  Penny's pastels appear realistic, but on closer examination, the paintings express a facinating impressionist quality.

Gloria J Merriken

Gloria is a self-taught multi-media artist . During the 80’s and 90’s stained glass was her medium creating commissioned, one of a kind lamps, free hanging pieces, and window installations. Then using her understanding of glass and color Gloria began working with kiln fused glass, developing her skill to include pattern bar techniques. Lately she has been inspired to give new life to old furniture, collecting interesting pieces to use as a canvas to create unique whimsical works of art.

Jason Miksitz


Jason Miksitz, master craftsman, is located in Millington and moved into his workshop (formerly a dairy farm) three years ago. He has worked with wood since age 12, typically carving and sculpting, and has been involved with art projects for most of his life. Jason is passionate about his materials. “It never gets old looking at the grain of the wood – it has always drawn and fascinated me. I find myself asking a piece of wood what it wants to be. Visit his website  https://www.historicraftsman.com/

Pat Morrison

Pat Morrison's work is highly influenced by nature.  Her recent work focuses on linocuts combined with tempera underpaintings.  The planning of the composition is of primary importance to her and critical to the success of a piece. A strong sense of depth is apparent in her compositions.  Her favorite element of art is texture and she enjoys experimenting with different painting and printmaking techniques to achieve a variety of effects in her work.

Martha Pileggi

Martha Pileggi is is a Delaware fine artist creating fine art in a wide variety of media.  She is currently devoting most of her efforts to plein air paintings of the Delmarva peninsula and still lifes in oil.  She especially enjoys painting the marsh, garden and farm scenes that are so abundant on the peninsula, enjoying being out in the fresh air and recording the scenes first hand.  

Paul E Santori

Paul  is a painter and musician living on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago.  You will see different types of Paul’s work: realistic, surrealistic and his art can be found in local, national and international collections. He was selected for the 2020 Abstract  and the 2021 Oil Painting National Exhibitions at the Mark Arts Center in Wichita, Kansas and won the "Best Small Work" award in the Paint Dover event in 2021.


Inez Santori

Inez Santori is a resident of Chestertown having made the journey across "the pond" from England in 2014.  She became known in the area for her vibrant floral creations in acrylic, watercolor and ink and has recently turned her attention to her own unique interpretation of the surrounding scenery.  When the weather gets colder Tish also stocks Inez's hand knitted and crocheted creations.

Barbara K Slocum

Barbara has a BA in Fine Arts, is a national award-winning art director/graphic designer and a published illustrator / artist. Barbara’s paintings are representations of places she has been and of people she knows. Her inspiration is drawn from observation, catching moments filled with emotions, and capturing the unusual in the everyday. Barbara is an active member of Chestertown RiverArts, a plein air, studio painting and life drawing group and works as a freelance graphic designer. 

Barbara Snyder

When Barbara  surveys the landscape she watches for repeated shapes and colors.  She is also interested in light and color and how it creates contrast.  Barbara paints to express the feeling of the landscape, increasingly aware of the basic shapes, colors and negative spaces, using less and less detail to express the strength, awe and mystery. Barbara paints mostly plein air, but also in the studio from sketches done on site and occasionally from her imagination.   

Barbara Stepura

Local artist, Barbara Stepura was born and raised in Washington, DC, and has lived in Southern Maryland for much of her adult life. A talented painter, Barbara is equally accomplished in both oils and watercolors and has received numerous awards for her beautiful and compelling paintings. She discovered the challenges of “ en plein air” painting and finds it is a process she most enjoys. As a lover of the outdoors, she finds the experience of translating her view of nature to canvas captivating, transporting her to a place of peace, contentment, and oneness with nature.


Michael Sweet

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Heidi Wetzel

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Paul Winters

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