Tish Fine Art Plus

Tish is open again and would love to see you!

Exhibit Calendar

Please note , whenever we have featured artists our "regulars" will also be showing their latest work at Tish.

November 26th to January 3rd

2020                                  2021

Tish's Silver & Gold Show

Now showing - last few days at Tish

January 21st to March 7th

2021                                 2021

Featured Artist - Carol Mangano

A fabulous, diverse and colorful display of work from one of Tish's great group of outstanding artists.

March 10th to April 18th

2021                                  2021

Featured Artists - Pat Morrison and Barbara Snyder

A newcomer to Tish joins one of our regular artists in this exciting double feature with two diverse yet complementary styles.

April 22nd to May 23rd

2021                                  2021

Spring Forward - Open Call to Artists

Plein air in Kent; Queen Anne and Cecil Counties.  Watch for our callout.

May 27th to July 3rd

2021                                  2021

Featured Artists - Holly Geddes and Michael Sweet

Tish's talented guest pointillist honors us with a complete display of his incredible and individual work

July 9th to August 8th

2021                                  2021

Featured Artists - Barbara Bell and . . . . . 

Watch this space

August 12th to September 12th

2021                                  2021

Tish Artists take the Stage

This promises to be an outstanding exhibit bringing together current work from Tish's regulars.

September 16th to October 17th

2021                                  2021

Paul Santori - an Eastern Shore Retrospective

Award winning artist Paul Santori presents his diverse and engaging portfolio to celebrate four years of painting on the shore.

October 21st to November 21st

2021                                  2021

Tish's second annual "Fall into Kent"

This time encompassing Queen Anne and Cecil Counties too.  Watch for our callout.

A Note Regarding Tish Music . . . . . 

When we opened in January 2020 we had plans for regular music and other performance events at Tish. We still do, with musicians, poets and authors lined up for when we can host a gathering. We started well with a fantastic performance by the Kent County High School Jazz Band, and had the pleasure of being serenaded by the very talented Clay Elliot, then our lovely community had to put safety first and current regulations still prohibit live indoor music.  Everyone needs masks in the gallery and we are practicing social distancing, but are delighted to welcome visitors !  Stay tune for musical developments in the future and in the meantime come and see our fantastic art.

Kent County High School Jazz Band at Tish